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Are you INSPIRED by your life and what you are creating in our world?

Please contact David either by phone or email to book a session.



Welcome to InnerPrecision and to being part of creating key shifts of dynamic changes that are happening in our world.  This is your opportunity to do and create something different for yourself, your family, for humanity, for other species, and for our world.


Why wait, when the time is now?

The Intuitive Session

I have you prepare 10 questions for your session before you arrive at your session.

    I then start with a prayer. I then go into the year that you are currently in with your Numerology, I describe the months, and the following year in your Numerology after your next Birthday. I also talk about some of the Planetary Retrogrades.  We then go deep into the key areas that you want to ask about in your 10 questions.  At the end of your reading I give you resources.

How I can help you?

Transformational events, unique workshops, consultations and life changing spiritual journeys to places of power around the world

Motivational Talks

  1. Showing Up Powerfully for Yourself in your Life

  2. Life Navigation

  3. Actualizing Your Dreams

  4. Healthy Boundaries and Healthy Choices

  5. The Power and Dynamics of Energy & Change

  6. How to Show Up Powerfully for Your Relationship

  7. How to free yourself from being plugged into heavy karma, shadow pieces, and negative programming

ABOUT david

David is an awakener and has been doing Intuitive Readings and Numerology for over 27 years.  Working with an international global clientele he has created a Rock Star career as an Intuitive Reader helping people to see what they can't see in order to achieve their dreams.


Honest and accessible, David has shared his valuable insights & knowledge in several countries where he has been invited to speak and teach. David has also taken groups of people on spiritual journeys and retreats to Power Places and World Heritage sites throughout the world to do deep inner work, healing and clearing, for humanity and for our planet.

David's Social Media Updates

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