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Do You Feel Stuck?
Do You Need Help on Big Life Decisions? 
Do You Want Clarity & Peace of Mind?

Whether you need to know what is the best career path or if you will find love - David will provide you with a better understanding and clarity of all areas of your life on a deeper level. With visibility into your future, you can see all your possibilities. Now you will be able to move forward with CLARITY and PEACE OF MIND

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Vina belardes

David’s insights as to why I’ve been feeling frustrated & overwhelmed provided me with so much clarity. He gave specific details of upcoming months; what to expect & how to deal with the situations. I showed him pictures of my family & a friend who had passed.  What he told me, blew me away! He has provided me with excellent resources to help clear obstacles & give me more of a stress free lifestyle. I’m so excited to continue working with David. He is truly gifted!


nic alexander

Working with David has been truly life-changing. His guidance has propelled me to prepare myself for the opportunities coming my way. I have a newfound sense of clarity & confidence. What really made David stand out for me is his incredible ability to help find solutions to my challenges. If you are needing someone to help you navigate through life right now, I wholeheartedly endorse David. Investing in his reading & coaching is like investing in a brighter, more successful future for yourself.



David has a God-given gift which is remarkable. He pointed out exactly what challenges I should be mindful of & where I should seize opportunities. I’ve been uncertain about my career path - he provided me with a clear understanding of the bigger picture. This gave me a sense of direction, upliftment & hope. By looking at family members photos I provided - he was able to “see” what they had to be aware of & how best to prepare themselves moving forward. If you feel “stuck” in your life - I can’t recommend David enough. He filled me up with the drive & energy I needed to take my success to a whole new level.
He's the real deal!


don McCarty

David is truly exceptional when it comes to reading people and situations. I've never encountered anyone quite like him. His assessments of the companies & individuals I work with were spot-on, & his insights were incredibly valuable to help me make the correct decisions moving forward.

Our sessions have given me the guidance to strengthen the relationships I need to pursue further. I'm thrilled to have David as my personal intuitive coach.

Will anderson, New york city

“For over a decade, David has significantly impacted my life, guiding me from pre-sobriety through getting clean and continuing to support me in my sober life. His coaching has profoundly affected my career success, demonstrating how personal growth tools can enhance professional achievements. Our sessions blend spiritual insights with practical life skills, laying the foundation for a balanced, fulfilling life. The hard work invested in our sessions pays off immensely, leaving me eagerly anticipating our next meeting..”



This is your opportunity to do & create something different for yourself & for your loved ones. Why wait, when the time is now?

Hi, I'm David & This is My Story

I describe myself as a "people awakener," helping you see your hidden gifts & potential to be able to achieve your dreams and aspirations. 

My journey started when I was just a kid, as I began to tap into different dimensions. It was a long  path to fine-tune these incredible God-given gifts. Fast forward 30 years, and I've been practicing Intuitive Readings and Numerology, helping people from all corners of the globe. I've also had the honor of speaking and teaching in various countries.

I am able to uncover your unique talents, spot what's throwing your life off balance, and then craft a game plan to restore your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual equilibrium.

In our Life Navigation Intuitive Coaching Sessions, you'll find a more effective way to sail through life, not only for yourself but also for the people you cherish.


How Can I Help You?

Transformational events, unique workshops, consultations and life changing spiritual journeys to places of power around the world

The Intuitive Session

I have you prepare 10 questions for your session before you arrive at your session.

    I then start with a prayer. I then go into the year that you are currently in with your Numerology, I describe the months, and the following year in your Numerology after your next Birthday. I also talk about some of the Planetary Retrogrades.  We then go deep into the key areas that you want to ask about in your 10 questions.  At the end of your reading I give you resources.

Motivational Talks

  1. Showing Up Powerfully for Yourself in your Life

  2. Life Navigation

  3. Actualizing Your Dreams

  4. Healthy Boundaries and Healthy Choices

  5. The Power and Dynamics of Energy & Change

  6. How to Show Up Powerfully for Your Relationship

  7. How to free yourself from being plugged into heavy karma, shadow pieces, and negative programming



Are You INSPIRED by Your Life and What You are Creating in Your World?
to Book Your Complimentary Discovery Session 

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