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David is an awakener and has been doing Intuitive Readings and Numerology for over 30 years.  Working with an international global clientele he has created a Rock Star career as an Intuitive Reader helping people to see what they can't see in order to achieve their dreams.


Honest and accessible, David has shared his valuable insights & knowledge in several countries where he has been invited to speak and teach. David has also taken groups of people on spiritual journeys and retreats to Power Places and World Heritage sites throughout the world to do deep inner work, healing and clearing, for humanity and for our planet.

About david
David's Personal Journey

As a child growing up David connected with other dimensions. It took David a long time to learn how to develop and manage his gifts. After doing readings for 17 years, David had a breakthrough and was able to clearly define and articulate how the gifts work through him.  When that happened, it changed everything and brought the sessions to a whole new level.

David's Gifts

David is able to look at people and see their best possibilities for their lives if they are able to wake up and clear what is in the way.  He is able to identify unconscious blocks that are holding people back from living their greatest lives. As a result, David gives people tools and resources to work on clearing their blocks outside of their sessions.

David is able to see people's gifts and talents, where their best places are to live and to visit, what careers they would be great at, and or what their best subjects would be to do a degree in at University.

David has also developed mastery as a profiler - he can look at someone's photo and begin to describe that person, how it would be to date them and how they are in a relationship, or in a work situation to do business with.

One of David's big gifts is to identify what is out of balance and not working in someone's life and then to create a strategy of adjustments to bring things back into balance, to be able to manage their lives energetically on all levels - physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

Sessions with David

Working with David creates perceptual shifts giving people clear distinctions that can take their lives to a whole new level, if they are willing and open to work with the information that David gives them. A session with David can change the whole trajectory of people's lives.

Innovative and compelling, people often experience working with David as life defining and a complete game changer in their lives.

Over time many people requested to be able to do on going work with David, to be able to work with him on a regular basis. After receiving so many requests, David started doing his own method of Life Navigation Intuitive Coaching with people to give people ongoing support with clearing things in their lives towards creating greater clarity & freedom.

Through the Life Navigation Intuitive Coaching Sessions with David, people are able to be more effective in how they show up for themselves, their lives, and for the people they love, empowering them to create their lives from a place of being conscious, taking full ownership of their lives and what they are creating. Giving people a greater ability to navigate their lives and the world with more grace and ease and to be plugged into their light on a regular and consistent basis.

David Recomends


What kind of  life and world are you committed to creating?

There are certain qualities in life that we can all never have enough of, examples are: compassion, honesty, wisdom, clarity, discernment, integrity, flexibility, generosity, gratitude, trust and a great sense of humor.  All of these qualities support us to navigate the world more effectively and to manage communication and relationships better. How often and consistently do you plug into your light? Are you living your dream or someone else's dream?  Have you defined what you are committed to creating for you in your heart of hearts and what your dream even is? Are you open for it to be redefined?


For those of you who are ready to wake up and change different areas of your lives, to see your blind spots and what has been unconsciously running you in your lives and to start to clear your deeper emotional and mental programming, shadow pieces, limiting beliefs, self sabotage and conditioning through perceptual shifts, examining your belief systems and stories that you are telling yourself about you, other people, and about your lives, and to erase any denial you may be hanging onto, WELCOME.  Why prolong what is not working for you, when you can start to identify it now and commit to clearing what is in the way now?  Is what you are stubborn & resistant about supporting you as you move forward?


If you are alive on our planet and reading this, there is something much bigger that is available to you, that you can open in your life. If you commit to playing a bigger game - to create a greater impact with the gift of your life, would you raise your hand and say YES?  Would you be committed to clearing what is in the way and doing whatever it takes to make it happen, as if your life depended on it?


The clarity that opens in one session can take years to arrive at in life. There is no amount of money that can truly be placed on the value of what people receive from a session and what they take away from it with them back into their lives.  This work is a Game Changer and is Life Defining for those who are ready to hear what comes through and to  be open to take the information and work with it and take actions on it.


For people who are ready to be open to listen, grow, learn and take actions, this work can take you to a whole new level in your life.  There are no guarantees in life, what we have is NOW, yet within NOW we can experience, perceive, and open to receive the Infinite and understand our connection and purpose within it, which allows great healing to occur, as we each recommit to creating a fulfilling life that is in alignment with our light, that is balanced, and based on love. 

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