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Leon Comino

Owner and founder of Intuitive life Navigation and Balance

David and I first met over an uncanny experience of May 2016, we immediately bonded over our deeper thirst of understanding, truth, and higher guidance. David transacted me a life reading, his skills in life navigation are unprecedented, his intuition is specific and honest. Since then my life has been catapulted into the stratosphere of limitless potential, my path is clear, the question "who am i" is clear, my gifts and talents acknowledged, and brought to fruition, David has given me clarity, a higher vision, i have transacted readings for my sister and best friend with David, I trust him with my closest friends and family, he is a divine inspiration of love and light, in service of humanity and the world, i will have no hesitation in personal calls regarding myself as a referee of David’s services, and will be sending many more clients, friends and family throughout the course of my life to him in need for awakening and higher guidance, in "stepping out of our own way"

Thankyou David, love and light.

- Leon


Los Angeles

If I had to choose two words to describe David, it's Awakener and Amazing. Since I met David in 2008 and had my first Numerology reading soon after, I've found the Power Boosts (Remote Power and Path Clearings) particularly effective in staying on course or getting back on course when I'm feeling stuck and experiencing mental, emotional paralysis.

The notion of David performing the Boost remotely from wherever he's at while I'm at home has been a powerful lesson in not being attached to how it (session) looks and being open to what could open up for me. That itself allowed a rewiring in my brain, yielding positive, eye-opening results in my life, both personally and professionally. 

I've had several Boosts, here's one example of their value. Several years ago, David's intuitive gifts supported me through a difficult period of long-distance care-giving of our mom and support of our sibling, who was overwhelmed by the daily stresses of her care plus her mortality. David's advice allowed me to "wake up" to my way of being and pivot my thoughts and actions so they were more helpful, less judgmental. With these insights, I embarked on an uncomfortable journey of empowerment. It's been more than two years since mom passed, as I reflect on her life and my relationship with her, I am deeply grateful to David for the invaluable opportunity to live a life of no regrets and reconcile the shadows -- it has resulted in an Amazing peace beyond words. The emotional growth has produced Joy in other areas of my life.

Thank you, David!

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